VANME” is a Canadian based family-oriented brand. We provide you with quality everyday use products at a reasonable price for quality. For whenever you need resilient and effective products that have a classic, simple, and timeless design. Making shopping for durable everyday use items easy, safe, and effective right from inside your home.

Our products designs are solely crafted by our design team and are solely owned by Club Jummana Corporation. Our products are manufactured in highly reputed manufacturing plants with the highest standard of quality control. Our mission is to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction through boasting a full range of Bath & Kitchen everyday need products.  

We are delighted to drive high quality products from the best quality brand suppliers around the globe with very reasonable and comparative price points right to your doorstep. We work on our products right from the design to final quality control and make sure to provide you high quality, fashionable products you and your loved ones deserve. 

Our highly trained staff are working hard to put all your needs together and make shopping easy for you and your loved ones. With today’s busy agenda of most families, stay and have carefree times with your family and friends, and let our team make your shopping and spending even more joyful and rewarding.

 “VANME” is a brand and trademark solely owned and operated by Club Jummana Corporation established with expert management, design team and sales team in the Fashion field to boast its presence through the era of online technology and opens its sales channels globally to the consumers around the globe.